The Mini Trio Pack - 3 lbs Sliced
The Mini Trio Pack - 3 lbs Sliced

The Mini Trio Pack - 3 lbs Sliced

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3 of these 1 pounders of thin sliced Unreal Corn'd Beef, Unreal Roasted Turk'y & Unreal Steak Slices. Get the best of all worlds!

Makes about 15-20 meaty sandwiches.

Can be frozen until date on package (typically around 6 months from when it's received). Freshest for 4 weeks refrigerated. 

Customer Reviews

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lee day
best vegan deli iv ever eaten

iv bought a vegan turkey and corn beef and steak but they all were not great but then i tried Jenny Goldfarbs corn beef, Turkey and steak well nothing compares to her deil packed my freezer with six packs of everything ☺♥♪

Jonathan Gelman
Mini Trio Pack

Fantastic! Best plant based meat!

Jodi Torres
Good but not great

The consistency was fine but we didn’t particularly care for the taste. It seemed dry but I’m sure it’s an acquired taste.

Great taste

Really love this product, has a great taste, just like the real thing.

Cynthia Harrison
Thoughts About the Corned Beef, Roast Beef, and Turkey pack

We absolutely loved the corned beef and roast beef deli slices. We are not crazy about the turkey or the chicken. I have already ordered more of the corned beef and the roast beef. We will be a regular customer going forward!
Thanks for creating a great product!