Made with Love

Cooking wholesome, delicious plant based meals, let’s delight our bellies & change the world.

- Mrs. G

World Famous Unreal Reuben

Dive into layers of the most perfect deli sandwich you could ever imagine. Just a few ingredients and a few minutes & you’ll be in sandwich heaven

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Unreal Cornโ€™d Beef Hash

Clean out your vegetable bin for this classic dish made new. Dive into flavors and colors that dreams are made of.

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Unreal Roasted Turkโ€™y Thanksgiving Sammy

Vegan Thanksgiving, in a sandwich, say it ain’t so! See how using slices or chunks of Unreal Roasted Turk’y can bring all the holiday vibes.

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Unreal Brunch Bites

Our scrumptious brunch bites translate into any eggy dish you can dream up; scrambles, omelettes, frittatas. See how easy it is to veganize.

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