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Hi  «Contact.First name»,

I’m the creator of Unreal Deli - we’re the makers of Unreal Corned Beef, the finest and most authentic 100% plant-based deli meat around.

Unreal Deli has been a hot offering at many iconic delis & sandwich shops around Los Angeles, now in Whole Foods and, most exciting - we closed a deal on Shark Tank with Mark Cuban in November, who recently went vegetarian...

Since making a splash in LA, we’re now in NYC (Sarge’s deli), Ben’s Deli (NY/FL), Mudgie’s Deli (Detroit), 11 City Deli (Chicago) and I hope next  «Contact.DBA Name» !

Unreal Corned Beef makes an amazing vegan deli sandwich, vegetarian Reuben sandwich, goes great in egg dishes, salads, hashes and more and can help widen your healthy, plant based offerings. What’s exciting is that Unreal Deli brings in a new kind of customer.. imagine a party of 4 where one is vegetarian !

 I’d like to ship you a box of samples next week.. 

Take a glance at our website to learn a bit more and I would be glad to pass along basic specs and nutritionals if you'd like.

Thanks for doing what you do & I hope we can provide a delicious new veg option to your menu soon!

 Warm regards,